Gas Sales

Gas Sales

Domestic Gas

Robinson & Young have been supplying & delivering gas for over 30 years & have earned an excellent reputation for our high level of expertise & customer service. Whether it be industrial gas, BBQ gas or any related accessories, Robinson & Young have a wide range of stock to meet your requirements.


Type Price
Patio 5kg £24.99
Patio 13kg £29.99
BBQ 6 £22.49
Lite 6 £27.49
Camping Gaz 907 £34.99
Camping Gaz 904 £29.99
Camping Gaz 901 £24.99


Gas Weight Price
Propane 3.9KG £17.00
Propane 6.0KG £21.00
Propane 13.0KG £26.99
Propane 18.0KG FLT £33.99
Propane 18.0KG FLT (2+) £33.99
Propane 19.0KG £35.99
Propane 19.0KG (2+) £33.99
Propane 47.0KG £68.49
Propane 47.0KG (2+) £65.49


Gas Weight Price
Butane 4.5KG £17.00
Butane 7.0KG £23.00
Butane 15.0KG £34.99
Butane 15.0KG (2+) £32.99

Air Liquide

Gas Weight Price
Air Liquide 4.5KG Call for price
Air Liquide 7.0KG Call for price
Air Liquide 15.0KG Call for price
Air Liquide 15.0KG (2+) Call for price

If you require assistance or a larger quantity please call Craig on 01939 235 300 or alternatively on 01939235809 our 24hr answer machine or email

We also offer a range of cabinet heaters for the winter freeze! For a brochure or more information on prices/parts (valves/regulators) please telephone or call in between the hours of 08:30 - 17:30.


Commercial Gas

Since its formation in the 60's, Energas has become one of the UK's leading gas suppliers for industrial use & has an impressive reputation for efficiency, reliability & good customer service. We at Robinson & Young stock the following Energas products:

  • Oxygen
  • Acetylene
  • Argon
  • Migweld 5
  • Migweld 20
  • Migweld Universal
  • Nitrogen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • & many more

To enquire about purchasing Energas, accounts or any other information, do not hesitate to telephone or call in, alternatively email us on

*** Collection & Delivery Available ***